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How do I repair/realign a garage door safety switch?
The two sensors are mounted on the track about 6 inches from the floor. The light on the left sensor is green and the light on the right is yellow. I think that these have to be perfectly aligned and thus both green (?) but are there any tips on how to do that? Leave the green alone and just move the other around until that shows green also? If so will it flicker to green immediately or does it take time to register that it is in alignment? Any tips or tricks?

Posted by Aaron

Admin: One sensor should say receiving (green) and the other sending(red orange). You should move the receiving sensor around until the green light is solid, and then wiggle it back and forth. If the green light flickers at all you need to align it better. If this does not work check the wiring terminals in the back of your opener to make sure the wires are not loose. If it still does not work you probably have a bad receiving sensor that needs to be replaced.



Repair my garage door the cable?
the cables came off i put them back on . the door works 2or3 times then they come off again
Update: the pulleys. cables in good shapeand the main spring is new within18mo
Update 2: not pulleys but reels on each side of main rod
Update 3: or bobbins

Posted by Janet

Admin: It sounds like you are working with the tension springs over the door and the reels at each end. Did you load the springs with the right tension when you put the cable back on reels. This can be very dangerous situation if you do not know how to work on these doors.There has been people hurt very serious messing with these springs. I have worked with these springs alot and and you have to pay attention and give these springs alot of respect. They can break. I am sorry but i can not tell you how to fix this you need a garage door repair professional to fix this they will tell you the same thing. I just wanted to warn you i do not care about any of these points for an answer. just be careful.