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Garage door is broken. I need advice about repair?
The sliding hinge (it looks like a curved L – like a lever arm) that attaches from the motor to the door broke off its attachment to the garage door. It literally ripped off its attachment to the door.

What’s going to happen? Do I need to replace the entire door, or can I somehow replace the piece to which the hinge was attached?

Please give advice, hopefully if you’re a garage door repairman

Posted by Jason

Admin: Your best bet would be to replace your bracket with a piece of pre punched angle iron, this spreads the pull out a little more and should hold as long as your door is not damaged. You can contact us with questions.


DIY brick work on the sides of garage door repair?
Someone ran into the brick¬† don the left side of the garage door, redoing the bricks is this something an average handy man can tackle or dont need to get the big boys in for this repair…..please advise.

Posted by Cris

Admin: You can DIY if you’re competent at being a handyman.
You have to replace the broken bricks, match them, match the colour of the mortar if it is coloured, remove all broken mortar lines, and re-lay the brick correctly. Not a problem.
If you don’t know how, get someone professional who does.