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Garage Door Maintenance

Questions and Answers

How often should a garage door need to be maintained?
How often does a garage door break or fail to function properly?
What parts need to be maintained?
Are the repairs costly?

Posted by Jer

Admin: Professional garage door technicians recommend doing a preventive maintenance check at least once a year. Some of the most common repairs you can see are basic paint and coating upgrades, garage door opener malfunction or replacement of springs and beams. The cost depends entirely on the brand of your door and the number of repair your door may need. You can reach out to professional sites such as… for more information on maintenance services and service quotes.


My garage door has been damaged due to lack of steel stiffener. How do I repair?
As mentioned in the title, the lack of the steel stiffener across the top panel of the garage door has made it so that when closing, rather than the last panel sliding downward, that panel gets “jammed” or “crushed” and the motor stops. I’ve read lots of articles on WHY it happens. The question I have is, now that the problem has arisen, how should I go about repairing it (preferably on my own)?

Posted by Josh


Admin: I’m sure with some help answering your question you should be able to fix this.

That being said, can you describe the damage? Is the top panel bent or warped from the lack of support? This is what I am assuming from your post. How wide is your garage door, single or double? You can get a piece of angle iron, they make ones for garage doors that has holes already in it. You will need to bolt this to the garage door to stiffen it up and hopefully it will straighten the panel enough so it won’t bind anymore. You will have to figure out how to put this support on, the best way to do this is to search online for garage door installation manuals from garage door manufacturers. I would start by finding out what brand door you have and search for the installation manual for your door. It will have pictures of a correct install. Then you can use the angle iron and your door should(depending on how bad it is damaged) be able to be fixed.

If you can’t find the install manual for your door, you should be able to use one from a similar door.

Good Luck

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