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Have an old overhead garage door! (Wood)panels.?
could i replace the panels with new less heavy material just replaced a torsion spring works well.

Posted by Theo


“No Name” is right about the springs and tracks. If you alter the weight of the door by much you’ll need to get new springs to balance it properly. Problem is, you’ll need to weigh the door in order to compute them, and that’s a real treat. And bathroom scales aren’t accurate enough. Further, as you get into cutting out the old panels you may likely find water and/or insect damage to the frame itself. It really isn’t worth the effort to “save” a rotting door.
I would recommend replacing the door. There are many styles of steel doors to complement your home’s exterior.
One bit of advise, though. Forget home center doors. While some have decent sections, they always come with flimsy tracks, hinges, and hardware, as well as cheap plastic rollers. By the time you get it installed, you have a second-rate door, and haven’t saved anything. For example, the “$700.00 door” he referred to would likely cost you another $400.00 or more to have the home center install it. For $1100.00 (or less), you can get a much better door installed by actual experts.


Unwarpping a wood overhead garage door lower panel?
on both my 8’x7′ garage doors the lowest wood section panel is moderately bulged/ warped due to moisture. is there a good way to disassemble it and unwarp it? i have pretty good carpentry skills. Money is tight- can’t afford a new one.

Posted by Jos

Admin: I would not disassemble it….
If I were you I would pick up a couple of 2×4’s {per door} cut them to length and screw them lengthwise to the inside of the door section {one might do the trick depending on the warp}
If you decide to run the 2x edgewise, you will probably have to run screws from the outside {the holes can always be patched & painted or puttied} and you will need an extra body to hold the board.
When the doors dry out and hopefully revert back to their original position you need to remove the weather-stripping and seal those sweethearts good.

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