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Garage Door Spring

Questions and Answers

How to replace the garage door spring?
I have a one piece garage door with springs on each side of the door. I need help on figuring out how I can replace the spring alone.

Posted by lan

Admin: One piece doors can use several types of springs, although torsion springs would be very unusual. Most use conventional stretch springs as on sectional doors or a specially made spring just for certain one piece doors. These special springs are shorter and much stiffer than regular stretch springs. The difference is in the way the springs are coiled and is called initial tension (IT). The IT can be loose, regular, and hard wound, although there are others. Single car doors are not that bad but big double doors can be really dangerous. Hard IT springs are usually custom made. This is not expensive unless you get into large springs and because of the wear on machinery the prices can go way up. I would start by getting some (free) estimates from door companies, cause prices vary. It is almost impossible to advise you further without seeing the door. One piece doors can be more dangerous to work on than torsion springs.


Garage door spring broken!
Does anyone know how difficult it is to change a garage door spring and how do you do it?please help!

Posted by Stan


If you have a door with a spring on either side it is best to replace both of them as the other one is worn and its’ pull will be different than the new one.

Door springs are rated in pounds of pull. Some springs have the ends color-coded to help tell. To replace them, they MUST be relaxed, or in their smallest state. You will want to replace the steel cabling as well. This can be daunting, as the cables needs to be adjusted just right or the door will bind when opening or closing.

And this can NOT be over-come with a door opener. If a door binds when opening and closing by hand, it will kick-back with an opener.

A garage door installer will open the door, by lifting on the side with no spring. Once up- they will clamp it in place to keep it from coming down. Undo the cables and springs, reinstall new springs, cables and safety cables. Then balance and adjust. They will also check for any worn rollers or other parts.

If you think you can handle it, be careful. It’s not rocket science but there is alot of pent-up energy in the springs and people have gotten hurt by them.

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