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Garage door do it yourself home repair question?
I have a double wide garage door that is about 30 yrs. old. It has a torsion spring. It is all working fine, except the panels of the garage door (which are a pressed cardboard type material) are warped and starting to fall apart. I am wondering if it is possible to replace the panels, but not the tracks and springs, etc. If so, is this something a person can do themselves, or do you need a professional? I know we shouldn’t attempt to dismantle the torsion spring ourselves. I would like to pay someone to do the whole job, but am broke right now and trying to do a cheap fix. Thanks for any help!

Posted by Richard

Admin: You are limited to the repairs you can make in reference to altering the weight. You cannot change the weight of the door I.E using aluminum panels or lighter material because this will cause a dangerous situation. Changing the the TPPI’s your altaring the ratio of the weight, spring, and drum ratio and if you have a overhead door operator, it may close, it may open, but in a manual mode you have a dangerous situation. You should definitely contact a professional. Maybe seek used panels of equivalent weight to temp. repair.