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Garage door insulation – repair question?
My *sweet* little dogs have developed this liking for chewing on the insulation of our garage door.
I’ve heard there’s an insulation kit so you could just pop out a panel and put in a new one.
Problem is, I can’t find one anywhere. I’ve been to Lowes, Home Depot and even started searching on the internet.
I heard this might be a seasonal product – anyone know where I can get it, or at least when it will be available at Lowe’s if I can’t order it online somewhere right now?
Thanks everyone! and get an estimate before setting up an appointment. Make sure the repair service is able to service your type of opener.

Posted by Scott

Admin: Is your garage door made of wood? If so, you will have to remove the old strip using a small pry bar. I found replacement strips at Lowes that included the rust proof nails. However, I put up the new strip with staples, using my new air nailer. (Why hire someone else to do a job when you can do it yourself for twice the cost?)

If your door is made of other material, perhaps you could contact a company that deals with garage door repairs. Perhaps they would be kind enough to tell you where to get a replacement insulation strip.


Garage door repair. coil broke?
One of the tension coils broke on my garage door. There is a long bar with 2 coils over the garage door. One is broken. How do I repair it and where do I get the new coil spring? It is a 2 car non insulated steel garage door. Really appreciate advise as installer is no longer in business.

Posted by Anne


That is one of those repairs you don’t want to do yourself. The coils are under great tension when installed. They use special tools. An error can kill or hurt you badly as they are so strong and tight. Call a local garage door repair shop and let them do it.

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